Nightmare Fuel / Soul Nomad & the World Eaters

[Soul Nomad] was rated T by the ESRB. This clearly indicates that the ESRB never really played the game, because among other things Soul Nomad contains near constant cursing from the main character, rape, murder, slavery, a dash of genocide, and all other sorts of happy fun times. And most of that's in the normal path. The Demon Path is much, much worse.

That line pretty much speaks for the game in general. Spoilers below.

  • The legendary Demon Path of Soul Nomad & the World Eaters. Let's Player Feinne wasn't kidding when they described the Demon Path as "pure, concentrated unpleasantness on a grand scale".
    • It starts with murdering everyone in your home village, including a young mother and her husband, though Danette and Lady Lanya survive. After every battle, a not-being-redeemed-in-the-slightest Gig possesses your body for some multiple of eleven days, eventually wiping out entire cities just 'cos he can.
    • As the story progresses, everyone you forcibly conscript into your army goes insane, with the chivalrous Thorndyke becoming a Blood Knight considered one of the saddest changes.
    • When you finally meet Trish, she's a Broken Bird, implied to be because Hawthorne already raped her by then. And she dies a few chapters later, breaking her sister's spirit completely.
      • There is another, possibly more disturbing explanation for Trish's mental state by the time you reach her. It's revealed that Hawthorne not only rapes the girls he raises, he kills them afterwards. It is very possible that he does so using poison to make it look more like natural causes. Perhaps, by the time you reach her, the poison has already destroyed her mind and is killing her body as well.
    • When you get the two angels on your team, the chapter ends with killing the young one before his grandmother's eyes, and then murdering the granny. You can get Laharl a tad miffed if you consider having the same title that he does, though mostly because Revya considers it as an "I suppose" option.
      Laharl: Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to get that title?
    • By the end of it all, Lobo even refuses to work for you any longer, almost every other villain in the game has joined forces with the surviving protagonists to take you down, and winning the final battle leads to you devouring Gig's soul and completely annihilating Haephnes, Drazil, and yourself. And Revya's motivation for doing all this? Probably the same reason the player picked this path: because it seemed fun.
  • Drazil's monstrous form.
  • Drazil's world. World of Silence at its worst where a trio of Jerkass Gods control everything from what people eat to how long they live.