Funny / Small Gods

  • "Choral singing was compulsory for novitiates, but after much petitioning by Brother Preptil a special dispensation had been made for Brutha."
  • The Running Gag of someone asking for the Deformed Rabbit shadow-puppet whenever shadow-puppets are referred to culminates in Didactylos using it as the punchline to his version of the Parable of the Cave.
  • Any time Om attempts to blast someone with a mighty curse. In particular though:
    "Your sexual organs to sprout wings and fly away!"
    "Your intestines to be wrapped around a tree until you are sorry!"
  • When the skies erupt as the heavens shake from Om's violent return among the gods to stop a war on Discworld, some of the human cower for cover right next to an equally terrified Death.
  • Any time Pratchett brings up the value or merit of philosophers, church bureaucracy, or death traps conveniently placed in large foreboding libraries.
  • Near the end of the book, Om is forcing the gods of Omnia's invaders to order them to cease their war. P'tang-P'tang, the newtlike god of a tiny tribe of 51 fishermen, is present mainly because a worshiper of his got dragged along in the wake of the armada by accident. He explains war like this:
    Remember when Pacha Moj hit his uncle with big rock? Like that, only more worse.
    • Although this does leave the worshiper wondering why so many people would want to hit Pacha Moj's uncle with big rocks.
  • The re-empowered Om busting into Dunmanifestin and, when challenged by Blind Io for his intrusion, head-butting the nominal chief god of Discworld in the face.