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Funny: Sister Sister
  • The very first funny moment in the series was in the pilot, during the scene where Tia and Tamera first meet each other. A boy, mistaking Tia for Tamera, asks her out on a date, but she turns him down, and then he sniffs his own breath. Later, Tamera goes up to him and he walks off in a huff, and then Tamera sniffs her own breath.
  • "The Concert" has the exchange between the party crasher and the bouncer is This Troper's favorite:
    Crasher: Yo man, I'm on the list, man. See, right here: Rasheed Benfalls. That's me. I'm up in the hiz-house!
    Bouncer: Yo man, that's my name.
    Crasher: Hey, what a coincidence! Two Rasheed Benfalls in the same place. Give me some love, brother.
    Bouncer: Get outta here, man.
    Crasher: (pauses) Hey man, can I borrow twenty bucks?
  • Lisa accidentally creates Disaster Dominoes at the supermarket at the end of one episode.

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