Funny / Silverwing

  • The "Prove it's you!" test Griffin gives Shade, and Shade's increasing frustration at his son's (fairly justified given the circumstances, but still) paranoia. ("Would you stop talking about me like I'm not here?")
    Griffin: In the human city, Shade got chased by pigeons. How many pigeons were there?
    Shade: It was... um, six, I think.
    Griffin: I heard it was nine!
    Shade: Well, it was a while ago, but I'm pretty sure it was just six.
    Griffin: All the other newborns said it was nine.
    Shade: I was there!
    Griffin: Were you? I wonder.
  • There's a line in Firewing where the narrator (narrating Shade's thoughts) lampshades the fact that all the Vampyrum bats have scary names.
  • The prequel, Darkwing has this little exchange between Dusk and Sylph:
    Sylph: You know, little brother, you look particularly odd from this angle.
    Dusk: You know, big sister, from this angle it would be particularly unfortunate if I had to pee.
    • While on the subject of urine, in the opening of Firewing, some of the newborns are discussing what they should do to the Humans who are passing by in their forest, ending with someone suggesting, "We should pee on them."