Nightmare Fuel / Silverwing

  • Tons of horrible things happen to bats, from burning alive to being bombs to getting your wings pecked off (as a child— and still alive) to suicide. And the list goes on and on.
  • Project X-Ray in Sunwing, responsible for the Humans Are Cthulhu trope. Also Truth in Television; see The Other Wiki.
  • The implication that Goth ate all of the bats in the snowy cabin and wore all of their bands as a sort of hunting trophy in Silverwing.
  • Goth and the cannibal bats in general.
  • One could point out countless examples in Firewing, but in the end, the whole book is pretty much this. It is Hell after all.
  • Cama Zotz himself is pretty frightening, both before and after we meet him in person.