Funny / The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Book series

  • When Carmen lets Tibby have the Pants, Lena sensibly points out Tibby should try them on first, because if they fit Carmen, they sure won't fit Tibby (both girls have completely different builds as Bridget points out). They both glare at her but neither is sure who should be more offended by her blunt honesty.
  • "You antagonize people, Carmen reminded herself. You will grow up to be old and bitter. You will wear lipstick way outside the lines and shout at children in restaurants."
  • Bridget gives her somewhat depressed brother Perry a baby bunny to take care of something besides himself and his computer. "He named it Barnacle. She had no idea why."

Film adaptation

Carmen: *shows Lena a skimpy bikini* Lena, look at this! Oh my goodness!
Lena: I can't wear a bikini!
Bridget: Yeah, Carmen, don't you know all the beaches in Greece are nude?
Lena: What...?! *bumps into a clothing display*
  • Lena Kaligaris has a BODY!
  • Carmen whacking Paul right in the forehead during tennis and knocking the poor guy right down.
    • Then she apologizes profusely and he just goes, "It's... no big deal." with a little smile.
  • Lena has trouble pulling Kostos' boat to the dock to return the shirt he lent her. He sneaks up behind her and starts pulling with her. She doesn't notice at first, then freaks out when she does.
  • A lot of Tibby's snarking:
    "You seem like a sweet kid." (beat) No, you seem like a pain in the a**."

    Carmen: Anyway, look, we are gathered here today to honor a gift that has been sent to us...
    Tibby: So why do we have to pay for them?
  • Bailey and Tibby engage in a Snark-to-Snark Combat Volleying Insults after she has her accident at Wallmans'.
    Bailey: So you ripped off my wallet?
    Bailey: I think I had more than $4 in here.
    Tibby: *sputters* Do you seriously think I would steal your money? I opened it to see if there was an ID in there. Okay? There wasn't. There was a school photo and a pathetic picture of a kitten.
    Bailey: So, what's in yours? A Wallmans' employee card? A license to ride a bike?
    Tibby:Excuse me, I get my learner's permit next week and- How old are you, like, ten?
    Bailey: Twelve.
    Tibby: Whatever, same difference.
    Bailey: No, it's not. When I was ten I didn't have an iPod.
    Tibby: Oh, you're so cool. What are you listening to, Teletubbies Hit Parade?

  • Lena is sitting on the dock sketching boats, leans over too far to check out a hot guy she notices (turns out to be Kostos), and falls right off the dock into the sea.
  • Tibby stamps a price sticker on her forehead pretending to shoot herself because she hates her job.