Funny / Sengoku Basara

From the games:

  • Generally speaking, any time Kasuga go all deredere when she's with Kenshin. Hilarious and CUTE at the same time.
  • Toshiie's and Matsu's route in SB1 & 2 are both presented in a silent movie-esque style cutscene. Matsu's scenario always has her doing a Magical Girl transformation before going into battle. Complete with hearts and poses!
  • In Yukimura's SB3 blue path, before facing his rival, he hears Shingen's voice and pauses to think. When he discovers Shingen has recovered and is actually right behind him, he completely breaks down into utterly adorable gibberish. Then gets a much-needed Megaton Punch to the face.
    • The blue path even starts with a laugh. Yukimura intends to hire the Saika Faction to bolster his forces, and orders Sasuke to empty the entire Takeda treasury to do so. Well...
    Yukimura: Why didn't you tell me we were broke?!
  • Poor Muneshige can never catch a break with his lord Sorin.
    • He's slapped with an embarrassing conversion name, "Gallop", despite not being a Xavist.
    • The one time he gives Sorin a piece of his mind, he gets fired/exiled.
    • Their reunion turns into running from missiles.
    • Poor guy even lucks out when dealing with his wife.
  • Mitsunari and Yoshitsugu's reactions to the southern leaders becoming Xavists.
    Mitsunari: God. Three mad fools!
    Yoshitsugu: And now my headache has become a migraine.
  • Keiji's Va-Va-Voom reaction to meeting Magoichi.
  • Sasuke's snarking comes off a bit petty but amusing as well.
    "Godammit. Gates cost money, you know."
    "Dammit! I'm all soaked! This is going to chap my delicate skin."
  • Tsuruhime trying to embrace/kiss Kotaro in variations of the same scene, complete with a sparkling pink background and hearts...only for him to teleport away at the last second, leaving her to fall on her face.
    • Made even funnier when Ieyasu's just standing there in the background looking confused.
  • In one of Tadakatsu's routes, the Tokugawa Army bust into Ujimasa's castle to rescue a kidnapped Ieyasu...except Ieyasu wasn't even kidnapped in the first place.
    • Bonus points for Ujimasa sending Kotaro to explain things to Tadakatsu. The only two characters who NEVER speak.
  • The conversation between Naotora, Yukimura and Masamune in SB4 if you choose to fight against them on Naotora's path, with Masamune trying to play matchmaker and neither Yukimura nor Naotora reacting too well to it.
  • Mitsuhide/Tenkai's death animation is him laying face down on the ground with his ass sticking out.

From the anime:

  • Season 1, Episode 5: Naoe Kanetsugu getting WTFPWN'D by Tadakatsu, and again in Season 2, Episode 3 by Toshiie.
  • The typical routine between Toshiie and Matsu.
  • Season 2, Episode 9: Motochika and Masamune coming up with the exact same plan to attack Osaka, only with the roles of who does what being reversed. Then starting a fight over it while protesting how they are nothing alike.
  • The Season 2 OVA. Are you ready for the MANSTRAVAGANZA?!
    • Yukimura's absolute obliviousness during that episode. Sasuke appears in his usual outfit plus a mask? Yukimura has no idea who he is. Kojuro appears, wearing his usual outfit and nothing else but a mask? Yukimura has no idea who it is, even though he noticed that they were left-handed, and Kojuro is the only leftie in the Basaraverse. He comes face to face with Shingen, and after Shingen's mask breaks, revealing his face completely, Yukimura assumes that he's Shingen's identical twin brother.
    • Masamune's exasperated expressions and Only Sane Man tendencies during the whole event was hilarious to see.
    • Poor Sarutobi unintentionally invokes Masamune's Blood Knight tendencies when he transforms into Yukimura.
  • Pretty much anything Masamune says in the dub.
  • This rare gem from Kojuro, also courtesy of the dub.
    Matsunaga, you're acting like a child throwing a tantrum. It's time to send you to bed!
  • From the film, Keiji splitting up the fight between Masamune and Yukimura, then chiding them for valuing their "little man-crushes" over peace.
    • Shortly after this Yukimura attacks Keiji with a flaming punch while screaming "Please don't interfere, Sir!"
  • Everyone's favorite Running Gag (Except Sasuke)
    "Oyakata-sama! (Your Lordship!)"
    "OYAKATA-SAMA! (Your Lordship!)"
  • The end credits of season 2 showing Kasuga (very reluctantly, judging by her expression) refereeing a match between Kanetsugu and Musashi.
  • A bit dark, but this exchange was amusing in the English dub of The Last Party
    Tenkai: Excuse me. Am I a little, off-kilter?
    Oichi: Yes.

From the manga:

  • In Sengoku Basara 3, Masamune inadvertently helps Itsuki steal weapons from his own men and casually threatens the two soldiers who were chasing them (much to the soldier's horror).