Funny / RIN-NE

  • We repeat: It's just a normal kotatsu!
  • Rinne's face in episode 6 when he sees Tsubasa use a 30,000 yen sushi box against the bakeneko is absolutely priceless.
    • Rinne's a mature, young man: he imparts morals for reflection on the kids he saved...and just as quickly drops them when they give him 1,000 yen as an apology. Even the sentimental background music stops dead.
    Rokumon: You're miserable to look at, Rinne.
  • Rinne telling the demon guards in episode 8 that he doesn't know who forged the fake money. He then tells them his "friend" Masato will gladly pay for the damage he caused earlier. When the guards offer to drop the charges if he reveals the forger, Masato immediately changes his tune and agrees to pay for the damages, since he didn't want to be revealed as the forger.
  • Rinne's father attempting repeatedly to get Rinne's fingerprints in episode 11. He sprays his son with red ink, the throws a bunch of documents to get his fingerprint on one of them. He even tries to get his female employees to do this as well, and later tries to act friendly with a handshake. While wearing a rubber glove to get Rinne's fingerprint.
  • Chapter 166 of the manga introduces us to Ayame Sakaki, a new addition to the story's Love Dodecahedron. She has just been reunited with her crush, an old acquaintance and colleague, who unfortunately for her has an open unrequited crush on the female deuteragonist. Fans of Inuyasha, Takahashi's previous work, will recognize that her first name is the same as the character with the same role in the Inuyasha animé. Even more ironically, this Ayame is a Shinto priestess, while the same was true of the original Ayame's rival. However, since the original Ayame was an animé filler character (albeit a more prominent one than most) this is less a case of an Expy and more of a meta Shout-Out.
  • In episode 12, Ageha shows up, and asks Rinne for help in defeating the president of the Damashigami Company. She then tells him that she hates that guy so much, she's going to beat the crap out of that guy's family as well, not realizing that Rinne is the president's son. After Rokumon asks Rinne if he heard what she just said, he gives this snarky reply:
    Rinne: "But I need my crap."
    • Later, the "Rashomon"-Style recollection of Ageha, Sakura, and Rokumon recalling when Ageha held Rinne's hand. Each of them have different accounts of what happened, with the narrator emphasizes during each one that this is not what happened. To elaborate, Ageha took one of Rokudo's hands. Agahe and Sakura both remember it as Rokudo holding Ageha's hands, with Ageha's memory also throwing in some cheesy romantic lines for Rokudo to say. The best is Rokudo's own memory, however, where the romantic atmosphere of both recollections got replaced by an intense thriller-movie dark lighting with both girls staring daggers at each other with Sakura looking in through a partially open door like a stalker waiting to strike, complete with the 'staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaareeeeee.....' sound effect (in Sakura's voice) and psycho shaky cam. Even the narrator claims that this is "DEFINITELY not what happened..."
    • Even better, the 'staaaare' gradually became 'SSSSSTTTTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
  • In episode 13, Ageha thinking Rinne is in cahoots with his dad, the president of the Damashigami company, who also caused her sister to betray her cause. She attempts to strike, but all three of them casually walk away from the spot they were just at, rather than jumping away as one would expect.
    • Ageha brings up the handholding incident again. Like Sakura, she incorrectly recalls it as Rinne holding her hands, prompting Sakura to glare at him.
    • Sakura then glares at him again after seeing Ageha hugging him from behind after he saves her from a damashigami.
  • In episode 17, Masato shows up and attempts to make An Offer You Can't Refuse with Tsubasa in cursing Rinne. Tsubasa responds by firing holy ash at him, but Masato says that those things only work on the weakest evil spirits. Tsubasa then throws a nearby trash can at him, which worked.
  • In episode 18, Rokumon comes up to Rinne with some breadcrumbs he managed to find. He then realizes the body is cold and seemingly lifeless, then sees Ageha, Tsubasa, and Sakura all staring at him. He assumes they killed him, tries to back away slowly, and claims he didn't see anything. They capture him as he's Sakura's only way to get into the spirit world to reclaim Rinne's life flame, stolen earlier by Kain.
  • Episode 20:
    • Rinne skips with joy when invited to Sakura's house to investigate the spirits suddenly showing up there. What makes it hilarious is that he has his usual expression on his face, and looks incredibly dorky while doing so, being commented on by some girls he passes by. This also tips off Tsubasa that something's up, prompting him to investigate Rinne a little more.
    • Rinne attempting to remove Tsubasa and Ageha from Sakura's room numerous times. Though they keep failing, he immediately tries something else on them. And in one case with Ageha, he simply holds her hands, then while she's distracted, tosses her out the window.
    • Ageha planning to blow a hole in Sakura's house to get in after Rinne puts spiritual tape on the doors and windows, preventing them from getting in. Tsubasa then simply rings the doorbell, causing Sakura's mother to rip the tape off from the door. Ageha is quite shocked that it worked, and never even considered this option.
  • Season 3, episode 14. Sabato, Rokudo's dad, finding out that Otome, Rokudo's mom, is actually 2 years younger instead of older... than Tamako, Rinne's grandma. It's the closest Sabato got to Heroic B.S.O.D..
  • Episode 75: Note: Yes, Matsugo is ACTUALLY saying (❤) here.