Funny / Republic of Doyle

  • Des and Jake's interaction is usually made of funny:
    Jake: Why is it that whenever I talk to you, I want to punch you in the face?!
    Des: ...'cause you're mean?
  • Rose has her moments as well.
    Martin Poole: Ok, it's official, I'm aroused.
    Rose: Really? I don't see anything.
  • All of this has nothing on Jake and Malachy's snarkfests, however. Good grief.
    • Take, for example, the instance when Jake nearly gets himself killed (again). Malachy starts railing at him, and Doyle retorts "I'd ask you to come down and help me, but of course you'll never get your walker down here!"
    • There's another instance when Malachy is just getting out of jail, and Doyle asks him how it went. Malachy's response? "Dandy, they're talking about naming a wing after you."
  • Jake vs. pompous airbag Garrison Steele. Hoo boy.
  • Des, looped up on painkillers and trying to stealthily peer down a med student's blouse (after calling her an angel and generally babbling).
  • Bruce thinking Jake, Des and Malachy were hitmen because they were standing in the road in front of his house "trying to steal those snow... sled... machine... things."
  • Martin drugging and kidnapping Rose. Again. Malachy gets him back in the end by drugging him right back and leaving him passed out on an armchair.
    • Also, his being shot in the behind for gambling too much... and then shot again. Probably because he deserved it.
  • Des figures out that Tinny's back in town, then slams the computer shut as Malachy walks in. When Malachy asks him what's wrong... "I got hit by a car and I'm on drugs. *Nonchalant shrug*"
  • Jake tells Leslie that the case he's in has just gotten bigger after being humiliated by his ex-RNC colleagues when he was caught naked and cuffed.
  • Jake is *excellent* with children.
  • "What are you two whispering about?" "Nothing. ...Des has fleas." "I don't have them anymore!"
  • Jake accidentally holds up a bank in "High School Confidential", resulting in a media frenzy and the entire police force arriving at the station.
  • How Des scares off an attacker: runs at him screaming and waving his arms like a windmill.
    Jake: What the hell was that?!
    Des: ...the element of surprise!
  • Jake and Maurice butting heads when they were telling the RNC about what happened to Leslie and Hood. Maurice makes Jake look like a wuss, idiot and a chicken. Jake makes Maurice looks worn, tired and not neat with his clothes. In addition, Jake looks tough and confident in his stories while Maurice looks cool and sophisticated in his stories.
  • Des' reaction when he sees Jake after the latter missing for two months in the season 5 premier. Doubles as a moment of Heartwarming.
    Des: What's up.
    Jake: "What's up"?!
    *Des runs at Jake and hugs him*
    Des: OhmygodmanImissedyousomuch!
  • Des telling Tinny that he's a grown man with his own apartment now, and they shouldn't need anybody's permission to date each other. Cue his phone ringing.
    Des: Oh god it's Jake he's on to us!
  • After Jimmy (once again) gets hit by a car:
    Wolf: How you doing, Jimmy?
    Jimmy: *Slurring his words and barely able to keep his eyes open* I'm going to cover Jake with butter and tickle him to death.
    Wolf: Right on.
  • A federal agent makes a wicked cool leap out an open window. Jimmy tries the same... And not only slams his head off the frame, he winds up dangling from the window sash (which gets wrapped around his ankle).
    Jake: Does he ever look before he, ah, leaps?
    Wolf: Nope.
  • Jake and Leslie try to have a serious conversation in the surveillance van while the couple in the house Jake is watching start having sex. Jake manages to turn off the picture, but can't figure out the sound. Even ripping the speaker out of the socket doesn't stop the moaning from being broadcast (loudly) into the van.
    • In the same episode, Des gets into a staring contest with a dog.
  • Jimmy gets in an excellent pun when he snarls that he's inhaled toxic slime thanks to being thrown into the harbour by "Great Big Wolf". (Wolf is played by Alan Doyle, lead singer of the folk rock band Great Big Sea - who also happen to sing the show's theme tune.)
  • Des breaking out of the hospital to help Jake in the series finale, but forgetting his pants. Especially funny as they're sneaking into the courthouse and he's trying to hold his hospital gown closed in the back.
    • Mal's "distraction" to allow Jake and Des to sneak into the courthouse— repeatedly attacking Walter— is also hilarious, as is Hood's bemused reaction.