Funny: Reno 911!

  • On the first episode: Officer Garcia answering a police call at someone's house — which turns out to be a surprise party for him. Before the other officers can yell, "Surprise! Happy Birthday!", Garcia shoots one of the officers.
  • In one episode, a police dog swallows some explosives. They manage to get the dog to poop it out, and the officer thows it away safely. Another officer runs by and throws something away in that same trash can, and we cut to a shot of an explosion.
  • Junior and Dangle strutting into a bachelorette party mostly naked and with dollar bills stuffed in their utility belts. Right after Garcia finishes lecturing the partygoers about how they're not strippers.
  • Dangle, on a prostitution sting, hires two hookers for a "two-girl fantasy." When they start to awkwardly flirt with each other, Dangle says they're not doing it right and ends up giving the girls an improv lesson. He actually waits until he's satisfied with their performance before arresting them.
  • Junior trying to bust an internet pedophile. After a few moments, he realizes it's someone he knows. And even better, he's on a computer in the next room over.
  • The deputies are called to arrest a man who is naked and firing an automatic weapon in the air screaming "I am from the future!" Dangle's reaction?
    Dangle: He's from the future? Sonufabitch!
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