YMMV / Reno 911!

  • Badass Decay: 'VHS Transfer Memory Lane' reveals amongst other things that Weigel was not only once confident and competent as a police officer, but also smart and even had Dangle of all people attracted to her. So, what happened? A house fire that occurred while the team was on the scene caused a chain reaction and started/created the Reno officers we know today. In Trudy's case, she was clinically dead for 2 minutes but came back and the damage to her brain from the smoke inhalation created the Weigel we all know in the series. She briefly recovers this in one episode but it doesn't stick.
  • Crack Pairing: Jones and Garcia. The black Jones and hispanic Garcia are partners when out on patrol, although Garcia is openly racist (he's on a friendly First-Name Basis with the local Klansmen). In spite of this, the two are halfway competent as partners and have their own Running Gag of extended chase scenes throughout the show.
    • Weigel and Williams. Despite Weigel also being racist (though she blames the racial tension on the squad on Garcia), Williams is probably her closest friend at work. The season 6 finale even has them posing as a lesbian couple.
  • Cult Classic: Managed to pull off six seasons and a movie but was always one of the more underrated shows on Comedy Central's lineup. Almost a decade after the show ended it still has decent following from fans who fondly remember the characters and improv humor.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: By definition, Terry (Nick Swardson), the flamboyantly-homosexual (to the point that even Dangle is a little uncomfortable around him) street prostitute. The character appeared in 27 episodes (out of a total 88), and was easily the most popular recurring character not in the main cast. He even got screen time in the movie.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The episode "Fastest Criminal in Reno" has the cops set out spike strips to take out frequent offender "Fast Eddie" (played by Jeff Foxworthy). Eddie manages to avoid the spikes (by going airborne from a hill), and the cops get into their cars to pursue him.... only to run over their own spike strips. It's funny because, like most other segments on the show, you think no officers would be so stupid to run over their own spike strips while pursuing a suspect, but years later, an episode of World's Dumbest... presented a video showing a group of cops doing just that.
  • Hollywood Homely: Deputy Trudy Weigel. She's supposed to be extremely repulsive. The stings involving her playing a prostitute or a stripper never work.
    Garcia: She's a 'triple-bagger'. One bag over her head, one over mine, and one extra for any unlucky bastard that might accidentally walk by.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Usually Dangle, occasionally everyone on the force, but the best example being "Spanish Mike" Alvarez.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Subverted with Niecy Nash, who hosted the Style Network's "Clean House" for seven seasons; she was the only one to have a steady gig simultaneously with Reno 911!. Her hosting outlasted her role on "Reno" by one season. She also spent a season on Dancing with the Stars.
  • The Scrappy: Declan and Rizzo. Both these characters were introduced right after the deaths of Johnson, Garcia, and Kimball and served as poor imitations of them. Fans were warming up to the latter, but the show was canned before Rizzo had a chance.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?: The Police-Tek 2000 "Lazarus" Bicycle Lock.