Funny / Rammstein

  • The chorus of "Pussy":
    So take me now before it's too late
    Life's too short so I can't wait
    Take me now, oh don't you see
    I can't get laid in Germany!
    • Another possible contender from that song would be the totally random shouts of "GERMANEEEEEEE!" later in the song. Also the goofy-ass grin on Paul's face as he's having sex with 'his' model.
    • "Blitzkrieg mit dem Fleischgewehr" and "steck Bratwurst in dein Sauerkraut" are also contenders.
    • Hell the entire video can be counted as one, being a ridiculous, over the top parody of porn stereotypes, complete with goofy faces and cheesy lyrics.
    • The early demo version is even funnier, because it lacks the self-awareness of the final version, with much more dramatic music, but entirely in English, making it even more absurd because it's taking itself seriously.
  • A couple of scenes from the "Amerika" video — one where the band members are holding hands and dancing around the American flag, and the scene immediately after when they're all standing in a cheerleader pyramid. All while wearing space suits. On the moon.
    • The chorus though: WE ARE LIVING IN AMERIKA, IT'S WONDERBRA!
  • The "simulated sodomy" at "Bück Dich" stage show.
    • The "Bück Dich" stage show is taken Up to Eleven in the Made in Germany tour. It starts off with Schneider abusing the other band members and ends with Till squirting his dildo right into Schneider's face.
  • The "Keine Lust" video. It has the band after they... put on a few pounds (except Flake) playing the song. It's just as funny as you'd imagine.
  • "Haifisch". It puts The Fun in Funeral!
    • At the start, the rest of the band take out a photo of the group with Till's face cut out... and start putting other metal vocalists in the spot. Then they pull out a picture of James Hetfield and seem to reach a consensus. They do all of this at the church during the funeral.
    • Richard, Ollie, Flake and Schneider are all thinking about how they would have killed Till... then it cuts to what Paul's thinking about...
    • During the fight scene, keep an eye on Ollie and Schneider. While Richard and Paul are going nuts and beating the crap out of each other the other two are just sort of weakly shoving each other around.
    • Partway through the fight, a little girl picks up two bloody teeth and excitedly holds them up for her mother to see.
  • Also, "Das Kleines Ton", a video of Rammstein's Live aus Berlin performance... set to the Mexican cumbia song "El Sonidito", and perfectly synchronized with the band's moves, to boot!
  • Schneider's trollface at the end of this video after irritating Till is priceless.
  • Flake struggling to carry his surfboard, only to have it stolen by one of the beach girls in the "Mein Land" video.
  • The Mein Teil stage show, which was overhauled from its original version where Till would cook Flake with a flamethrower. In the new version, Till discovers that Flake survived his initial attempts at roasting him and is no worse for wear... so he simply goes back and grabs a bigger flamethrower.
  • As shown in the Völkerball DVD, Till decides to do a bit of ad-libbing while performing at a club in Japan. During Mein Teil — which is about a cannibal cooking and eating someone — Till interrupts himself while singing a verse to point at Flake and exclaim "Sushi!"
  • Watching Flake's dance number in Weisses Fleisch is... a unique experience.