Funny / Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

  • Karone's spectacular failure of a first try at summoning the Zords.
    Karone: (waving her arms and jumping up and down) Galactabeasts! Over here!
  • ''Stolen Beauty". Apparently Trakeena sans monster makeup is attractive enough to prevent you from noticing that someone DROPPED A WRENCH ON YOUR FOOT.
  • The Blue Crush. Seeing the normally stoic and serious Kai act like a total lovestruck dork is hilarious.
  • Mike reporting on Titanisaur flying towards them in "Beware the Mutiny": "Well, it's a castle, sitting on a dinosaur flying towards us." The way he reports it- with a totally straight face- gives you the impression that he's pretty much unfazed by anything at this point (remember- he fell into a crevice, then got revived by a body surfing ancient warrior- so his tolerance for weird stuff is pretty high at this point). And when Commander Stanton sees Titanisaur basically doggy-paddling through space- "This is crazy."