Fridge / Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Fridge Brilliance:
  • If one watches the morphing sequence of the Rangers, notice where the show producers placed the torso zig-zag pattern in relation to the Rangers' animal symbols in the background... (Hint: The zig-zag forms the teeth.)
  • Terra Venture's trip itself. Remember that the end of the last season ended with the destruction of the United Alliance Of Evil, and thus the majority of hostile aliens in the universe. If there was ever a time to explore the universe, that seems like a pretty dang good one.

Fridge Horror: Magna Defender's sacrifice. The guy had his son killed, then was trapped alone below the ground for three thousands years. When he finally gets out, he gets vision of his dead son telling him that he shouldn't be driven by revenge and is still a good person. Good and all, but that ultimately leads him to sacrifice himself to protect innocents while seeing his son telling him how proud he is. Repeat: a guy trapped alone for thousands of years has visions of his dead son which result into him killing himself as a redemption. We thankfully see them as spirits in the next episode, because otherwise, we couldn't have been sure that it didn't all happen in his head.