Heartwarming / Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

  • The return of Kendrix in the finale.
    • The Reality Subtext of her return. Valerie Vernon had left the show to undergo treatment for leukemia, and her return was heralded by the announcement that she was in remission.
    • Ever notice how Kendrix wasn't removed from the intro? Saban actually helped pay for her treatment and kept her at normal billing.
      • Saban also hired her to do a voice-over to help her get back on her feet.
    • She even gets a sweet moment with Karone, her replacement.
    Kendrix: Thank you SO much. For everything you've done!
    Karone (smiling): I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
  • In an earlier flashback, the Magna Defender reveals that Scorpius (the current Big Bad) killed the Defender's son Zika. To destroy Scorpius, the Magna Defender causes a huge firepit to explode, threatening an entire space colony in the process. Realizing what he's done, the Magna Defender heads towards the firepit to neutralize the energy and save the space colony, and there's a scene where he's crawling through a hellish firepit to reach his goal, his armour damaged and cracked, his cape in tatters - when the scene shifts, and the Magna Defender is calmly walking through a field alongside Zika, who is holding a bundle of flowers. Zika tells his father that he's proud of him, and he gives his father the flowers, and the Magna Defender responds by saying that he was proud of Zika, too. The scene shifts back to the Magna Defender crawling towards the firepit - and he's still holding the flowers that his son just gave him. It's the most beautiful, heart-breaking moment. The only time in 17 years where Power Rangers actually made me cry.
  • Something of a retroactive one. The Karone we see in this series is bubbly, cheerful, playful, and kindhearted. At first you might be tempted to write this off as inconsistent characterization, considering she wasn't really like that in PRiS, even after her Heel–Face Turn. But when you think about it, it's because she was raised/brainwashed to act differently, and at the time of her last appearance she still wasn't quite comfortable her own skin. In other words, she was like that on the inside the whole time. And it's probably why Zhane was attracted to her, even if he didn't consciously know that deep down she wasn't evil.
    • On that note, the ending of Karone's introductory episode has a great moment where Karone talks about her being Kendrix's replacement. She's obviously feeling the weight of taking up a fallen ranger's sword, but the whole team turns out to express their faith in her to carry on in Kendrix's place.
  • An uncommon one between villains, we see quite openly that although they're the bad guys, Scorpius and Trakeena truly do love one another, culminating in their tearful farewell at Scorpius's death, where they manage to make amends after Trakeena left him over his insistence that she enter the cocoon right before he dies.
  • From the team-up episode, Leo being in awe of Andros, telling him that he was there when the Space Rangers saved the Earth. The sheer amount of respect Leo has for the previous red ranger is wonderful.
    Leo: It was an honor fighting with you guys.
    Andros: No, Leo. The honor was all ours.