Funny / Patton Oswalt

  • Perhaps his most famous bit is his KFC Famous Bowls routine. He even ended up creating an entirely separate routine years later about the response to it, including KFC creating a bobble head doll of Patton and sending one to him. Patton himself notes the Magnum Opus Dissonance with the bit.
    Patton: I've tried to do material about deep, introspective, real stuff... and that's the one that got away from me.
  • Patton tells the story of his one-nighter opening for a comedy-magician in a sports bar in Kentucky, where both he and the magician were shorted five dollars. The magician's on-stage revenge is sublimely ridiculous.
  • Patton destroys the song "Christmas Shoes." Animated for your viewing pleasure.
    "Jesus": I died for your sins, but those pumps are unforgivable~
  • His bit about NPR being unlistenable:
    Play some Zeppelin for God's sake. "It's our pledge drive, here on NPR, and we have a 20 minute field recording of a tumluku, which is a Bosnian instrument that can only be played when you have a pierced scrotum and 3 kids who've been killed by a landmine. (mimicks an instrument) The Tibetian practice of scream-singing rightfully died out in the 4th century BC, but 2 Berkeley trust fund students revived it, and here's a 40 minute sample: AAAH AAH AAAAH!"
  • Patton describing what happened when he went off Prozac and allowed his depression to race through his body "like a happy puppy" is darkly comedic, especially to people who actually suffer from depression and know exactly what he's talking about:
    Patton's Depression: (excitedly) Put on your bathrobe for eight days straight! Watch The Princess Bride eleven times in a row!
    Patton: Oh, depression. This is the best day you've ever had.
  • His impression of Daniel Plainview. Particularly when he sings "Milkshake".
  • The Death Bed routine, especially when Patton announces the sequel: "Rape Stove"!
  • The Star Wars filibuster, done while filming a guest spot on Parks and Recreation.
  • While his defense for Ben Affleck as Batman was mostly heartwarming, there is one funny bit in at the end: with the implication he's going to suggest himself for the Joker.
  • Patton and his brother go see Jerry Maguire on Christmas Eve.