Funny / Palae-oh-no

  • Lora's nickname for Feduciucc Synaphy, "F’ucc Synaphy".
  • Feduciucc Synaphy's logic fail regarding synapsid evolution.
  • The ridiculous and overdramatic Ancient Aliens parody.
  • The fact that the "Chemistry Channel" hardly ever airs shows on chemistry.
  • The equivalent of strippers in this society being "dressers", who add elaborate feathers to look more attractive. Stripping off feathers is considered unattractive by most maniraptors.
  • The streaker's comment on his nudism and reference to modern Fan Dumb.
    Streaker: “Oh come on! You may make fun of me now, but someday, someday, people will come to love and appreciate troodonts with useful hands and smooth skin, even if it takes a GODDAMN 70 MILLION YEARS!!!”
  • The dinosaur "fights", with the Atrociraptor failing to attack the Edmontosaurus and the Edmontosaurus and tyrannosaurid trying to avoid each other rather than engage in battle.
  • The creationist parody.
  • Jeff making up the term "raptors" on the fly as a nickname for dromaeosaurids, to the confusion of a bystander.
  • The Atrociraptor gang with a grudge against Jeff being easily distracted.
  • The overdramatic fight between the arthropods and fish in the Silurian, based off a scene in Walking With Monsters.
  • Bergus still being stuck in the car he had jumped on even after the main characters return from seeing Primus.
  • The appearance of "Han Solo" in "The Bone Wars".
  • Feduciucc's greeting to Sampson and Lora in "Pseudobufo Pervasor".
    "Hello to my least favorite students!"
  • Feduciucc actually being a toxicologist who teaches mammalogy, a reference to real life BANDits being ornithologists who don't know much about non-avian dinosaurs.
  • When Kollin goes missing, Corrie tries to draw him out by making up far-fetched inaccurate statements.
  • The implacable Beelzebufo.
  • "The Great Banning". All of it.
  • Djhey Pterus's "methods" of showing that animals "should" look like how he imagines them to be, a Take That! to the "research" techniques of eccentric paleoartist David Peters.
  • The self parody "Geochr-oh-no". And at the end Kollin wonders if he should make a "Geochr-oh-no" self parody...
  • The Liopleurodon: Monster of the Deep "documentary".
  • Raymond Hoser giving Sampson the name Dullandboringus idontgiveafuck.