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Awesome: Palae Oh No
  • Kollin's Crazy Awesome plan to snap Jeff out of being Distracted by the Sexy. He hacks into a poker machine just to get $999999 to bribe the dresser Jeff is ogling to strip off all her feathers (which is considered highly unattractive by maniraptors), and when he ends up with $1000000 instead, he goes the extra mile to spend that one excess dollar. And not only does the plan work, after all that Kollin, Corrie, and Jeff only arrive at their planned rendezvous point slightly later than the others.
  • Cyryl's hidden arsenal of drugs and poison in his mouth, all concealed by his teeth.
    • Which he shortly uses to knock out Rob and Langsty when they catch up with Jeff.
  • Primus's life story. After traveling to the Late Cretaceous, he eventually became one of the most powerful figures in its society, all without being a troodont.
  • Lora performing RPR on a Beelzebufo.
  • Kollin trying to shake off a pursuing Beelzebufo by getting it run over by a bus, setting it on fire, and blowing it up with a bomb. Sadly, the Beelzebufo turns out to be a Super-Persistent Predator Made of Iron.
    • Corrie tricking said Beelzebufo by drawing a hyperrealistic replica of Kollin in a time span of what seems to be just a few minutes.
  • Sampson, after being something of a Butt Monkey in earlier episodes, comes back to life in "Soaring Pteros", mutated into a Jurassic Park-style deinonychosaur, and goes onto free the others from Djhey Pterus and defeat the mad scientist. This also leads him to become braver.
  • Kollin's rant in "Permian Safari is Nudist".
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