Trivia / Palae-oh-no

  • Creator Backlash: Sort of. The tirade against the alternate plot under What Could Have Been was written by the author himself.
  • Development Hell: The author had an episode in the works for January 2013, but hasn't worked on it for ages. Eventually he decided to shelve it and rewrite it another time.
  • One of Us: The writer of the stories is a troper.
  • Shrug of God: Whether or not Feduciucc died at the end of "Planet Not-Theropod".
  • What Could Have Been: The author's original idea to conclude "Rise of the Maniraptors" was an Idiot Plot involving lots bizarre Out of Character moments. It basically involved Vegid suddenly wanting to kill the sea scorpions and fish, with Sampson and her getting into an argument about timeline altering and what is humane, with Kollin joining in the fight complaining how much of a Jerkass she is. Then, seeing the maniraptors as aliens, the scorpion and fish armies decided to team up to destroy the invaders, while they are still arguing. Eveeryone but Lora tries to break up the fight, with her having a breakdown from the stressful events. They return to the present, with Vegid still being a Jerkass, decides to use the Silurian creatures as experiments. Cyryl then explains her behaviour, then they leave. Jeff meets Rob like in the final version, but he gets ignored with nobody remarking about what they learn about Jeff, and Lora runs away realising that Sampson isn't helping her in her stressed state. Thankfully, the author came up with a better conclusion than this.