Funny / Outrageous Fortune

The Film

  • The girls' reaction to the Teeny Weenie of the dead guy in the morgue.
  • The sequence of Lauren and Sandy making like badass Cowboy Cops. Especially hearing the typically sweet and dignified Lauren unleash a Cluster F-Bomb at the drug dealers.
  • At the airport, when Lauren and Sandy make like Czech refugees, Lauren introduces Sandy as her sister—and then immediately presses her hand against Sandy's mouth while claiming "She does not speak English!"
  • The Vanity Is Feminine sequence. Lauren and Sandy approach what they believe to be the end of the road—where Michael is. They brace themselves for a tense confrontation and for the fact that at least one of them will end up without the man of their dreams. And just when they approach the door...Lauren opens her compact, checking herself—Sandy uses it to check herself...and they both spend the next several moments or so freshening up, commenting on (and complementing) each other's appearance—and whether or not Lauren's blonde hair color could possibly be artificial.
  • The girls' introduction to Frank.