Funny / One, Two, Three

It would be almost impossible to list all of the funny moments in this film:

  • MacNamara and Otto's first meeting.
    Otto: I spit on your money. I spit on Fort Knox. I spit on Wall Street.
    MacNamara: Unsanitary little jerk, isn't he?
    • And let's not forget the finale...
      Otto: We will take over West Berlin. We will take over Western Europe. We will bury you!
      MacNamara: Do me a favor. Bury us but don't marry us.
  • The chase scene, when the Russian trade delegation guys are after Mac and the gang. Then their car keeps falling apart piece by piece.
  • When poor Schlemmer has returned from East Berlin still wearing Ingeborg's dress.
    Schlemmer: I'm sorry I didn't shave this morning, I had difficulty getting out of the girdle.
  • When Otto is about to have another break-down, and Scarlet is the practical one.
    Otto: I will not have my son grow up to be a capitalist!
    Scarlet: When he's 18 he can decide for himself, whether he wants to be a capitalist or a rich communist.
  • When Otto bursts into Mac's office wearing boxers, shirt, tie and a morning coat and tells Mac about his "big plans".
    Otto: You know, I think I'm going to like this job!
    MacNamara: It's about time you started cooperating.
    Otto: You know what the first thing is I'm going to do? I'm going to lead the workers down there in revolt!
    MacNamara: Put your pants on, Spartacus!
  • When Otto's about to have a complete mental break-down, and Peripetchikoff is no help at all.
    Otto: Is everybody in this world corrupt?!
    Peripetchikoff: I don't know everybody.
  • This exchange:
    MacNamara: You've defected?
    Peripetchikoff: Is old Russian proverb; Go west, young man.
  • The Pepsi bottle at the end.