Funny: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

  • When McMurphy tells the Big Nurse that he'll think of her every time he swabs out a urinal.
  • This excerpt:
    [The Big Nurse] walked along [the toilet bowls] shaking her head and saying, "Why, this is an outrage..." at every bowl. McMurphy sidled right along beside her, winking down his nose and saying in answer, "No; that's a toilet bowl...a toilet bowl."
  • When McMurphy takes the patients on a fishing trip, and pretends they're all doctors charting a boat.
    McMurphy: This is Dr. Cheswick, Dr. Taber, Dr. Frederickson, Dr. Scanlon, the famous Dr. Scanlon, Mr. Harding, Dr. Bibbit, Dr. Martini, and Dr. Sefelt...Oh, I'm Dr. McMurphy, R. P. McMurphy.
  • The basketball game between the patients and the orderlies.