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Funny: Operation Petticoat
  • Log entry by Captain Sherman: "Sighted tanker, sank truck."
  • Some of the debris used to convince the USN destroyers that they weren't Japanese was some of the extra lingerie from the nurses. The look on face of the sailor who retrieved a bra (which happened to have been Crandall's) was priceless.
    • Made the subject of a great line when the Sea Tiger finally reaches Darwin: "We may be pink and coming in by the grace of a woman's brassiere, but by God we're coming in!"
    • Also, the look on Sherman's face as he makes the request over the ship's interior communication system seals the absurdity of the idea.
  • As the Sea Tigar lurches out of port, the native witch doctor they brought in to perform a blessing ceremony pulls of his mask, watches for a moment, shakes his head and comments "They'll never make it", speaking in American-accented English.
  • The base commander at the beginning of the movie confronting Lt. Cmdr. Sherman about the items missing from his base.
    Capt. Henderson: Mister Sherman, I want my wall back! (made while pointing at a large hole in the corrugated metal wall)
  • Capt. Sherman: Henceforth, you shall refer to the casino as The Supply Depot. (Holden got the replacement parts for the Sea Tiger by running a combination pawn shop/casino where Army soldiers would trade stolen Army parts for casino chips, and then lose in the rigged games).
  • The look on Lt. Reid's face when she opens the door to the head, and we hear the pig Holden stashed inside grunt at her. Made even better by Holden smirking at her from the door to his cabin and Sherman's explanation.
    Sherman: Yep, they're drafting everybody these days.
    • And she's so unable to process what she just saw that she walks away completely blank.
  • Sherman's gradually becoming Not so Above It All over the course of the movie, culminating in his amused reaction to Holden paddling after Duran in a lifeboat when she's angrily swimming away from him after he revealed he's engaged.
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