Trivia / One, Two, Three

  • Actor Allusion:
    • Red Buttons appears as an MP who does a "You dirty rat" impression to the face of CR MacNamara... played by James Cagney.
    • Cagney holds up a piece of fruit so it looks like his famous "grapefruit" scene from The Public Enemy.
  • Cast Incest: The guard at the Brandenburg Gate who is handed a six-pack of Coca-Cola when MacNamara, Fräulein Ingeborg and Schlemmer drive to East Berlin, is played by Helmut Schmid, Lilo Pulver's husband.
  • Fake Nationality: Apart from the German-speaking actors playing the Russians, Lilo Pulver, the actress playing Ingeborg, is actually Swiss.
  • Too Soon: Especially the Germans weren't very fond of Billy Wilder making fun of the Wall. The movie was Vindicated by History though - later, in 1985, and even became popular in former East Germany (because it parodied both sides of the Cold War).