Funny / Oasis

  • From the Beady Eye song "Wigwam": I'm coming up!"
  • A lot of the Gallaghers' interviews.
  • From the Familiar To Millions live album: Liam gets through a difficult part of the "Roll With It" lyrics and immediately declares: "How many fuckin' years? I finally got it right!"
  • The music video collection Time Flies: 1994-2009 includes a Noel Gallagher commentary track for every video, and he's frequently, hilariously blunt about his dislike for the featured videos and/or songs. Here are two representative comments, both regarding the somewhat lengthy, Surreal Music Video for "All Around the World":
    "If anybody's listening to this at home, be advised to probably, fuckin' go and mow the garden or sommat, because this goes on for fuckin' ages... And ages"
    "Is that man with... legs made of sausages? That's not real!"
  • Oh, check fucking them out! NSFW
    • Liam requested that a girl show her breasts on the big screen on stage, and when a girl did, the crowd went nuts and Liam and Noel praised the girl and her breasts enthusiastically.