Awesome / Oasis

  • Pretty much all of Definitely Maybe and (What's the Story) Morning Glory?.
  • The vast majority of The Masterplan. Not many artists could release a B-side collection and expect it to sell, nevermind have many fans consider it a canonized album and even sometimes a contender for their best album. Many of the songs on there could easily have been successfully released as singles themselves, especially "Acquiesce".
  • Liam Gallagher singing "Wonderwall" in the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony.
  • "Gas Panic!" from Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. For an album that its seen as the band's worst, "Gas Panic!" stands as one of their best songs, its subject matter its really dark for an Oasis song and it actually sounds experimental and creepy in some parts but its 100% rock and roll awesome.
  • The concert at Knebworth - performed in front of more than 125,000 people on both of the two nights. Incredibly, over 2.5 million people applied for tickets to see them play.
  • The band's MTV Unplugged performance, which could have been a disaster because Liam complained of a sore throat the day of recording and refused to sing. Instead, Noel sang all of the songs he wrote, and the band turned in a critically acclaimed performance...while Liam hung out in the balcony smoking cigarettes and heckling them.