Awesome: *NSYNC

  • No Strings Attached went platinum its first day, selling 1.1 million, and ended its first week of release with 2.4 million records sold, making it the fastest selling album in the US.
    • It was certified seven times platinum just 11 days after its release, beating out The Bodyguard soundtrack for fastest RIAA certification.
    • To put things in perspective: the previous record was held by the Backstreet Boys' Millennium, which sold 1.1 units in its first week of release. While projected to outsell it, or at the very least match it, absolutely no one predicted it would sell more than double the previous record. In addition, not only did NSA top Billboard's Best Selling Albums chart the week of its release, the album manged to outsell the next 23 charting albums combined.
  • While Celebrity did not sell as well as No Strings Attached, it also set a record of 1.8 million sold in its first week. 15 years later, Adele's third album 25 broke both No Strings Attached and Celebrity's record, sadly relegating them to second and third fastest selling album in America.
  • Their 2001 PopOdyssey tour, which had them touring football stadiums, had them flying out over their audience on zip wires and riding mechanical bulls for "Space Cowboy" and fighting off a evil wizard for "The Game Is Over".
    • JC even sings the first verse of "Space Cowboy" upside down as they zip down.
    • The opening sequence had them fooling the audience into thinking that they would appear in the robes from the No Strings Attached tour only for the robes to disappear and the massive pyramid in the middle of the stadium opening up to reveal the band.
  • During "No Strings Attached" on their 2002 Celebrity tour, they would roll out a rig of ropes with just two safety loops for their arms, and launched themselves swinging over the audience. Without harnesses.
  • Their 2013 reunion at the VMAs. While it was shorter than fans would have liked, it was awesome enough to prompt Lady Gaga to jump out of her seat and flail around excitedly while Taylor Swift started crying Tears of Joy.
    • Their reunion led to a huge sales spike on iTunes, with several of their albums suddenly charting on the best sellers list. Their Greatest Hits album rocketed up to No. 18, while No Strings Attached reached No. 29. While they didn't chart as impressively, their self-titled ranked at No. 61 and Celebrity reached No. 100. They received similar sales spikes at Amazon, with Greatest Hits and No Strings Attached reaching No. 10 and No. 11 respectively on the "Movers & Shakers" chart.
  • Their memorable 2000 VMA performance, best known for the iconic TV heads during the "Bye Bye Bye" section of the medley.
  • Their 2001 VMA performance featured a dance performance from Michael Jackson himself.
    • The same year they were invited to perform for Michael Jackson's 30th Anniversary Concert, singing "Dancing Machine" along side Michael and the briefly reunited Jackson 5.
    • If that wasn't enough, they also had the honor of inducting the King of Pop into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
  • They were invited to sing the national anthem at the 2000 World Series, which they performed a cappella. They were booed until they started to sing, at which the crowd then fell silent and then started raucously cheering when the song was finished.
    • Even more impressive, during an appearance on Rosie O'Donnell's talk show they mentioned that there was a 2 second delay on their ear monitors, meaning throughout the entire performance they couldn't tell if they were all singing in time.
  • They can play instruments, they just choose not to. Their tribute to the 60s and wholesale Shout-Out to That Thing You Do! had JC and Chris on vocals with Chris on guitar, Justin on bass, Joey on drums, and Lance on keyboards.
    • One clip of them on MTV had Justin and Lance messing around with a piano, but it's clear from other angles that Lance is the one actually playing, while Justin was just tapping away at a key or two.
  • They were the first and only all-white group to be on BET's 106 & Park, with "Pop", "Gone", and "Girlfriend" getting regular rotations on the show.
  • Their joint performance with Aerosmith for the Super Bowl XXXV Half Time Show in 2001, especially the "Walk This Way" finale when they were joined by Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, and Nelly. The performance is generally considered as one of the best half time shows of all time.
  • They not only performed for the 2002 Olympic Concert Series, but were invited to sing the National Anthem for the closing ceremony.
  • Their a cappella tribute to The Bee Gees at the 2003 Grammys garnered a standing ovation from the audience, especially from the remaining Gibbs and Maurice's widow.
  • These rearrangements of "Bye Bye Bye" and "It's Gonna Be Me" prove that, though it was something they were known for, they didn't need an elaborate production to put on a good show.
  • Their cover of Janet Jackson's "That's The Way Love Goes", especially since they recorded the song and filmed a video for it in one day.
    • Somewhat related, their first single, "I Want You Back", was also recorded in one day.
  • When asked to do an impromptu version of their cover of "More Than A Feeling", they initially hemmed and hawed as they had not performed the song in a long time and claimed they were rusty. They nailed it a cappella.
  • The fact that Lance was able to complete Star City's rigorous cosmonaut training, despite not being able to go in space and that it made him the butt of many jokes, is pretty astounding in itself since he had no prior experience. He's also claimed it was easier to train for that than his stint on Dancing With The Stars.
    • Even more impressive is the fact that he had to condense a full years worth of training into a little less than 6 months due to prior commitments to *NSYNC.