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Funny: Now And Then

The film

  • Possibly the funniest dialogue in the film is between our first scene with adult Chrissy and adult Roberta:
    Roberta: Chrissy, 'breast' is not a dirty word.
    Chrissy: *reading magazine* Can't hear you.
    Roberta: Breast.
    Chrissy: Can't hear you.
    Roberta: Breast.
    Chrissy: Can't hear you.
    Roberta: *sing-song* Bre-east!

  • Roberta taping her boobs.

  • Chrissy's mom having The Talk with her, comparing sex to gardening. Funnier is when Sam adds: "Chrissy would spend the majority of her adult life obsessed with gardening."

  • Sam's grandma and her friends crazy speeding away to get to their bingo game.

  • A lot of what Chrissy says is hilarious, whether she intends to be funny or not:

  • "Come on, Roberta! Touchdown!"

  • "Why don't you go home and with your dolls?" "The only doll Roberta's got is a GI Joe."

  • Wiladene: I feel a strong spiritual presence around us.
    Chrissy: For ten treehouse dollars I'd feel it too.

  • Chrissy successfully scaring the others into thinking Dear Johnny possessed her. After them not being that nice to her for most of the movie, it could also be seen as a little moment of Awesome.

  • The little smirk Chrissy has when Wiladene hams up the medium thing during their visit to her like she's trying hard not to laugh.

  • "My mom says all hippies are sex fiends."

  • "If this baby doesn't come out soon I'm gonna reach in and yank it out myself!"
    Roberta: Oh, that'll be pretty!

  • "You know, it's true what they say, Roberta: the longer they're gone, the weirder they get."

  • Sam makes a depressing speech on raising children and Chrissy whispers "She's crazy!" to Roberta while doing the cuckoo gesture.

  • Chrissy marrying the nerd she thought was gross as a kid. And him still doing the "Yes, dear/hello dear" thing.

  • Chrissy's screaming birth and Samantha absolutely freaking out the entire time, even before the baby comes.

    Sam: Oh, get it out of her, GET IT OUT OF HER!
    Roberta: YOU are gonna have to calm down!
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