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Awesome: Now And Then

The film

  • Roberta delivering Chrissy's baby, with a Heartwarming look shared between them.
  • The girls getting back together as adults after they had previously gone their separate ways.
  • Teeny actually becoming a successful Hollywood actress.
  • Chrissy trying to perform CPR on Roberta, who she thinks is drowning.
    • And her right hook. "Don't you EVER do that to me again. EVER." It was nice seeing the Buttmonkey stand up to the others.
  • Chrissy successfully tricking her friends into thinking Dear Johnny had possessed them. It's funny on its own, but what brings the Awesome is that she had previously been the butt of their jokes and often their insults more than the others had.
  • The opening scene with only the four girls winning at Red Rover against an enormous line of other kids.
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