Awesome / Now You See Me

  • The entire sequence of Dylan vs. Jack; from their face off in the apartment hideout to the car chase, all of it.
    • Particularly of notice is Jack's utter dismissal of the other FBI agent by tying his hands behind his back with his coat, and then sticking the coat in the garbage disposal. Simple, but effective.
      • More awesome? The 'pull the coat down to disable their arms' trick is an actual self defense trick suggested in many defense books.
    • Initially you'd think Jack is just mocking Rhodes by imitating his voice...then he pulls out his walkie-talkie and takes care of the back-up team, and you realize he had, in two sentences, caught onto his speech patterns and intonations enough to convince an armed police unit to back off.
    • The choreographing of the fight in general is just spectacular, managing to mix sleight-of-hand magic tricks with cool combat in a breathtaking fashion.
  • Almost all of the mass-scale illusions are spectacular; just to spot a few; each of the Horsemen's 3 Acts, using an enlarged version of the classic empty box trick, the aforementioned car chase with Jack, and of course the final set up on Thaddeus.
  • That moment at the end where Dylan shows Thaddeus just who the Fool really is, the buildup to the twist is awesome in itself.
    • The best part is that Dylan's revenge isn't just imprisoning Thaddeus; it's about leaving him with a magic trick he'll never figure out or debunk. The one thing that will hurt someone like Thaddeus more than anything else.
  • Atlas' card trick at the start of the movie. It's a basic card trick but the camera is positioned so that you're the one who the trick's being done to, and the method is basic enough that you're pretty sure it's not just movie magic or scripting but an actual trick. And just ask around, you'll find that nearly everyone picked the seven of diamonds. You've just witnessed a real magic trick and that sells you on all that follow.
  • The prisoner is handcuffed to the table and- oh, wait, now you're handcuffed to the table. Followed up with one of the cockiest lines ever- see Badass Boast in the main article.
    • The fact that it is beautifully turned on its head during The Reveal of the identity of The Man Behind the Man to the Horsemen, and the fact that the trick being pulled on them was one that none of them saw coming:
      Daniel: When I said always be the smartest guy in the room-
      Dylan: We were in agreement.