Funny: Now You See Me

  • The introductions of Merritt McKinney and Jack Wilder.
    • In Merritt's, he's in a New Orleans restaurant, and hypnotizes a woman and her husband. He then exposes secrets about the husband:
    Merritt: Now, you just hang out there, wriggle a sec; I'm gonna take a little peek under the hood of your hubby's brain. Now, I'm picturing, don't tell me... Beach, cocktails... Florida?
    Man: Look, it was a business trip.
    Merritt: Well, I mean, it is a kind of business, maybe the oldest business.
    Man: ...Uh, you know what, Honey Bee, let'só
    Merritt: She can't move, Mack. You're thinking of a woman's name. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, J? Jean, Jane, Janetó Who's Janet?
    Mack: [winces]
    Merritt: [looks at the wife] You know Janet?
    Woman: [still hypnotized so she can't speak] Mm-hmm!
    Merritt: It's not your best friend, is it?
    Woman: M'snn-uh!
    Merritt: Your sister? Her sister? Oh, my God, you weren't away "on business"! You were away on Janet! Your wife's sister! [The wife tries to hit her husband. Merritt moves the husband a few feet away] Okay, now she's gonna get upset, so let's move over here. You want this to go away?
    Mack: Yes.
    Merritt: Okay, pull out your wallet. Come on, get it out. [Mack pulls out his wallet]
    Mack: You shake down everyone like this?
    Merritt: No, only the special few. What is this, two hundred seem fair? You know what, this is a big deal, let's go $250.
    Mack: You're a stick-up artist!
    Merritt: Yeah. Of course. [shamelessly grins] Okay! Aaannnd, sleep! [He snaps his fingers, and the woman slumps over standing] Now when I snap my fingers, you won't remember any of this. And you, Warren Beatty, every time you see or even think of Janet, you're gonna picture me [pops Mack on the forehead] naked! And that's not a pretty sight.
    Mack: [glances down nervously] Yeah.
    • Wilder's involves offering to pay someone $100 if they figured out his trick - paying the sleuth using the sleuth's own wallet.
  • As the horsemen try to flee their performance in New Orleans, we get the brick joke:
    Dylan: FREEZE!
    Hypnotized woman: QUARTERBACK!!
    [Hypnotized individuals rush the stage and tackle Dylan]
  • Thaddeus Bradley's intro: he is holding his phone up taking pictures of the Four Horsemen's first act when an attendant shows up and tells him that no video recording is allowed during the show and confiscates the phone. As the attendant is walking away, both Bradley and his assistant shift and chuckle to each other as we see they have been filming with handheld video cameras for the entire event.
    • Why was he holding up his phone? So that it would be noticed, and taken - and the attendant's attention would be misdirected.
  • Merritt revealing that one of the other FBI agents is a crossdresser.
    Merritt: (Facing the one-way window of the interrogation room) No shame, Agent Fuller! (snaps his finger while making a feminine pouting face) No shame...
    • The entire interrogation scene: Henley's making the chair opposite her spin by itself, Wilder is so relaxed he's actually sleeping. Merritt turns the tables on the detectives by asking them if this is their first date, while Atlas pulls his "be the smartest guy in the room" shtick.
  • At the end, the Horsemen's reactions to realizing Dylan is in The Eye.
  • Henley and Danny arguing in the beginning.
    Henley: You called me fat.
    Danny: Once!