Funny / Music and Lyrics

  • Honestly, most of Hugh Grant's lines and delivery will make many people (and their mothers) at least chuckling a bit, if not laughing full-out.
    Alex: (about his failed solo album effort) Yes, it sold only 50,000 copies. Most of those to my mother. ...Rolling Stone called it, "a crass, contrived effort, not even good enough for a dentist's chair".
    Sophie: (reassuringly) Well, I'm sure there were other reviews.
    Alex: (nods) There were, there were, but none as good as that one.
  • Anything that comes out of Greg The Rhyming Psychopath's mouth.
    Greg: You people disgust me.
    • And then, at the concert, he is revealed in the audience, and pretends to shoot himself in the head.
  • Alex's gig at a high school reunion. All the women love him. Their husbands, not so much.
  • A deleted scene has Sophie telling off Colin on the phone...only for it to be a Best Buy employee named Colin.
  • Sophie's terrified, barely whispered first take of the "Way Back Into Love" demo.
    Alex: Just a little bit louder, 'cuz this song is intended for humans.
  • Alex waking up underneath his piano next to Sophie and promptly banging his head against the cabinet when his cell phone rings. Moments later, as he's taking the call, he hears a similar bang, implying that Sophie's woken up too.
    • Before that happens, Chris's line over the phone to Alex: "You slept with Sophie?!" Bear in mind he's saying this in earshot of kids.
  • Sophie referring to Cora's hyper-sexualized take on hers and Alex's song as "that orgasm set to the soundtrack from Gandhi."
  • The expression on Sophie's sister's face as she slowly realizes exactly what kind of concert she's taken her prepubescent daughter to.