Funny: Music and Lyrics

  • Honestly, most of Hugh Grant's lines and delivery will make many people (and their mothers) at least chuckling a bit, if not laughing full-out.
    Alex: (about his failed solo album effort) Yes, it sold only 50,000 copies. Most of those to my mother. ...Rolling Stone called it, "a crass, contrived effort, not even good enough for a dentist's chair".
    Sophie: (reassuringly) Well, I'm sure there were other reviews.
    Alex: (nods) There were, there were, but none as good as that one.
  • Anything that comes out of Greg The Rhyming Psychopath's mouth.
    Greg: You people disgust me.
  • Alex's gig at a high school reunion. All the women love him. Their husbands, not so much.
  • A deleted scene has Sophie telling off Colin on the phone...only for it to be Colin from Best Buy.
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