Funny / Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

  • The Wastelands Stage has a stage fatality that launches flaming, screaming characters into a building by catapult, complete with a cartoony splat at the end and them sliding down while groaning in agony. The absolute winner has to be Scorpion (and Chameleon by extension) who screams like a total biatch; both videos of all characters except Khameleon can be seen here and here, though be warned, you will be cracking up laughing by the time you've seen them both.
  • A few small humorous instances in the intro, such as Stryker sucker-punching Mileena for no real reason, Ermac clotheslining the hell out of Rain during the opening charge, and Johnny Cage pushing Sonya off the edge of the pyramid.
  • Fighting in the Armory? Knock your opponent into the conveyor belt at the center. The animation's the same regardless of the loser, but it's so funny watching them feebly attempt to escape the rock crusher (yes, even Shao Kahn or Onaga)... Only to stumble and get crushed.
  • In Konquest Mode:
    Reiko: Well done. Those were elite guards.
    Taven: If you SAY so.