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Funny: Mortal Kombat: Deception
  • Bo'Rai Cho's second fatality:
    "Oooohhh, that was a stinky one, hohohoho..."
  • Knocking Havik off the Sky Temple. What does a cleric of Chaosrealm contemplate as he plummets to his doom?
    "AAAAAAAAh, man, this is gonna suck! Guaaaaa-[SPLAT]
    • In that same vein, knocking Ermac off the Sky Temple. The one thing the entire legion of souls that comprise his being agree on saying as they face death, and it's...
  • Shao Kahn's Hara-Kiri. He throws his hammer up into the air, strikes his signature hands-on-hips pose, and waits for the hammer to come down, upon which it hits him on his head, causing it to explode. Then the body drops to the floor
  • Liu Kang's second fatality, when performed against himself or any of the female characters, can be absolutely hilarious.
  • The Kollector's Edition contains a trading card video for Johnny Cage. His enemies are listed as "Shang Tsung, Goro, Movie Critics".
  • In konquest, before an optional fight with Scorpion, a yes/no prompt pops up saying ""GET OVER HERE!!" Will you go over there?"
  • Perform a fatality and a Hara Kiri at the same time.
  • "Would you like some Niko stew?"
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