Funny / Moon

  • "You need to get laid." Said to a computer.
    • At that moment, GERTY's screen shows a huge smiley face, as if he agrees.
  • "What, do you think Tess is back home, waiting for you on the sofa in lingerie?"
  • The "kick me" sign taped to GERTY's back.
  • Sam 2 tries to tell Sam 1 about a theory of his while Sam 1 is listening to "Walking on Sunshine". Sam 2 keeps turning the music off while Sam 1 keeps turning it back on and dancing, complete with "I can't hear you!" gestures. Eventually, Sam 2 just chucks the music player across the room.
    • Sam 2 starts the conversation wearing a bright yellow coat. He quickly discards it once Sam 1 comments that he looks like a radioactive tampon.