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Awesome: Moon
  • Meta: Despite failing to get any Oscar nominations, this movie managed to beat both Avatar and District 9 (both of which were nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars that year) for the Hugo Award for Best Feature Film. For perspective, Moon was made with about one sixth of the budget that District 9 had, and with about one eightieth of the budget that Avatar had. And it was Duncan Jones' first feature film. Well done, Mr. Jones. Well done.
  • As much of a Tearjerker as it can be, Sam Rockwell's performance in this film is one long CMOA. The man spends about an hour and a half playing two identical clones of himself, but he manages to make it completely believable by giving each version of Sam its own distinct persona. It's the kind of Acting for Two arrangement that most movies play for laughs, but he will have you in tears by the end.
  • The film, of course, also has a CMoA in the traditional meaning of the trope: the scene where Sam reprograms the harvesters at the very last possible moment.

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