Funny / Miss Saigon

  • John lampshading and mocking Chris' Narm in their phone call.
    Chris: She's no whore! You saw her too. She's really more like...the April moon!
    John: April fuckin' moon?
  • While the Engineer can be full of these, his absolute crowning moment of funny (at least in the complete symphonic recording) is at the end of "The American Dream." During the song, the Engineer is joined by backup singers and dancers for his big number, and when the song ends, they (naturally) go offstage. The funny part? The Engineer breaks the fourth wall, notices his backup leaving him, and tries to call them back.
    Engineer: Wh-wh-what's happening? Guys, wh-where are you going? Talk to me - it was just getting good! (Beat) ...Shit.