Trivia: Miss Saigon

  • Fake Nationality: The Filipino Lea Salonga played the Vietnamese Kim.
    • In predominantly white countries such as Hungary or Norway, Kim has been played by a WHITE actress wearing a black wig.
    • Fake Mixed Race: This also goes for Jonathan Pryce. At first, the Actor's Equity Association refused to let Pryce reprise his role of the Engineer in the Broadway production, because Pryce is a Caucasian playing an Asian role and would offend the Asian community. However, it was counter-argued that the Engineer is Eurasian (half-Vietnamese and half-French), and that Pryce was being discriminated because he is Caucasian. After pressure from Cameron Mackintosh (who also threatened to pull the show from Broadway), the general public, and other members, the Equity Association finally agreed to let Pryce be in the show. (Source: The Other Wiki.)
    • Fake American: Also, the British actors in the main London Cast (ex. Simon Bowman, Peter Polycarpou, Claire Moore) played Americans.
      • And the Asian actors in the Japanese production
  • Star-Making Role: This is what catapulted a then 17-year-old Lea Salonga into Broadway stardom. She would return to the role off and on for more than fifteen years.
  • Stunt Casting/Book Ends: The show began and ended its Broadway run with Lea Salonga in the title role.