Funny / Mighty Joe Young

Original film
  • Max O'Hara in Africa, with his horse.
    O'Hara: (first his horse runs around in circles) Don't do that! Don't do that! (then it keeps bucking off the saddle) Can't you cooperate?!
  • "Who do you think's gonna get the worst of this - Maxie, or Africa?!"
  • Watching O'Hara and Crawford peeking out form behind their hiding place, before Jill laughs at them and tells them it's safe to come out. Something about two grown men hiding behind a tree just gets me.
  • At one point after breaking Joe out of police custody, an unfortunate vagrant tries sneaking into the truck he's being transported in. The poor guy almost goes berserk when he opens a truck door and sees a giant gorilla growling at him.
  • When O'Hara tries his heart attack routine on the police again, clutching his chest and staggering. This time the cops don't fall for the act...
    O'Hara: Oh! I think I'm gonna have another heart attack!
    Schultz: (shoves O'Hara into a police car) Fine, have it in there!
  • Months after Joe's been saved and life has returned to normal for O'Hara he's approached by a young talent agent with an idea...
    Agent: Maxie, I can get you a great act; it can work on a raft.
    O'Hara: What?
    Agent: Monkeys!

1998 film
  • The obnoxious driver who Screams Like a Little Girl after Joe lands on his car. Joe takes one look and shakes his head with a "hmph".
  • Right after that, Joe sets off a car alarm by accident and tries to stop it by mashing the car, causing the alarm to run through several sounds you wouldn't normally hear in a car alarm, before it finally stops.
  • When Joe holds Greg by his leg just as Jill rushes in to the scene.
    Greg: Hey, can you get him to put me down?
    Jill: Joe, drop him.
    (Joe drops him roughly, and Greg passes out)
    • The next day when Jill sees Greg step out of the infirmary.
    Jill: He's walking already? Hmph. Joe should've dropped him harder.
  • This gem with Harry Ruben and Cecily Banks when Joe's tuck is first driven into the LA reserve.
    Harry Ruben: The fun begins.
    Cecily Banks: You hear that, Harry? They smell him.
    Harry Ruben: Who, Greg or the gorilla?