YMMV: Mighty Joe Young

  • Complete Monster: Andrei Strasser is an Evil Poacher definetly turned Up to Eleven and possibly even worse than Percival McLeach since he's played on more realistic levels. Killing little Joe's mother was just the beginning, he also did the same thing to Dr Ruth Young when she tries to save the little gorilla (it's uncertain if he did it on purpouse, anyway he feels no remorse about it). He also owns a fake animal preserve while he actually secretly butchers endangered species and selling the animal organs off on the black market. This guy is so ruthless that even his partner in crime decides to quit when he arrives at trying to shoot Jill Young.
  • Crazy Awesome: Max O'Hara, to promote a new night club, goes to Africa—tells sensational stories about his "adventures" there, and brings along cowboys to help him capture animals for his club! Why cowboys? "To lasso lions of course!"
  • I Am Not Shazam: "Mighty" is not part of the name of the eponymous gorilla. In the first film, he goes by "Joe Young" or "Mr. Joseph Young". In the second film, everyone calls him "Joe". With no last name.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The original's FX still hold up even in the age of CGI, which is amazing.