Funny / Meet the Feebles

  • "Sodomy... I know you think it might be odd of me... but I enjoy the act of sodomy..."
  • When Heidi beats up Samantha and a couple random bystanders actually cheer for Heidi. Really, can you blame them?
  • Sidney continuously denies that he's the father of Sandy's child Seymour. This, when the kid has the lower half of a chicken and the upper body, arms and head of an elephant.
  • The tribble-like creatures messing up Sidney's room, urinating and vomiting on each other. The next scene, however...
  • Surprisingly, Trevor gets one when he's attempting to film a porno with Dennis and Madame Bovine, which gets awkward really quick. Especially with this choice quote, "Oh God! Not another panty sniffer, he's gonna' want me to piss in his mouth next!"
  • When Bletch says, "I hate arachnids!" look closely and you'll see that he's hitting the spider's leg with a flyswatter.
  • For a bit of a Black Comedy, Heidi trying to hang herself...only for the noose to break under her weight.