Funny / Meet the Parents

  • When put on the spot to say grace, Greg simply quotes the song "Day by Day" by Godspell. You can actually hear the song playing earlier in the drugstore.
  • "Mr. Winky is still on Chicago time, and we both know there's only one way to make Mr. Winky go away...*Jack knocks on the door*...and there it is".
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech that Greg gives the flight attendant.
  • Many consider it in the second film, when Little Jack says "Ass....hoooole" with that expressive mouth.
  • "Check it out! He's got a rubber boobie!" Said by a redneck cop after Greg, Bernie, and Jack are arrested for failure to cooperate with a cop that pulled the latter two over for speeding, and the cops are searching Jack's RV.
  • The entire dinner conversation between the Byrnses and the Fockers.
  • While Jack holds up a book written by her titled Is Your Vagina Happy?, he says, "And I'm not so sure Roz is a yoga instructor, either."
  • Greg making an ass of himself while high on truth serum.
  • Greg mocking Jack on hidden camera at the end of the first two movies and his YouTube roast of Jack in the third (complete with a dance remix).
  • "You can milk anything with nipples." "I have nipples, Greg. Could you milk me?"
  • Jack encourages Greg to test out the new safety glass on his RV by hurling a brick at it. Greg does as he's told. It bounces right off the window, and smashes the windshield on Greg's car.
    • The best part of the gag is Greg refusing to buy insurance for his rental car, on the basis that he wouldn't need it. Jack's response to the broken windshield is "Ah, well, your rental insurance will cover it."
  • During the climax of the second film, Jack is trying to leave the island because Greg, while drugged with truth serum, revealed that Pam was pregnant. Upon this revelation Burnie goes Papa Wolf on Jack. Readying himself to fight Jack with a martial art he was practicing at the start of the film. Of course, being the smart man he is, he realizes he needs to do something before the action. Leading to the following quote immediately after threatening to kick Jack's ass.
Burnie: Just give me a moment to stretch.