Funny / Mars Attacks!

  • The First Daughter's deadpan line after the Martians wipe out Congress in their second slaughter on our planet's soil:
    First Daughter: Guess it wasn't the dove.
  • "They blew up Congress!"
  • "Do the Martians have two sexes, like we do?" Asked by a reporter of Ambiguous Gender.
  • "Don't Run, we are your friends."
  • "I want the people to know that they still have two out of three branches of the government working for them and that ain't bad."
  • "We have to strike NOW, sir! Annihilate! Kill! Kill! Kill!" "SHUT UP! Shut up, shut! Up!"
  • "Whoa! He just made the international sign of the donut!"
  • "Ello, Maurice. Ça va?"
    • (listening to the Martians massacre the French government) "Mon dieu..."
  • The scene where it looks like Godzilla is attacking a major city. Turns out the Martians are just watching a Godzilla film on their viewing screen. Then they changed the channel to The Dukes of Hazzard.
  • The DVD has an optional language Martian.
  • The Martian Emperor speaking in a high-pitched voice after inhaling the absorbed nuclear blast.
  • "Rooooooollexxxxxx!"
  • It's a blink and you'll miss it moment, but when Byron challenges the Martian Ambassador to a fight, the latter removes his cloak and reveals what looks like a championship belt. Just imagining the oddly proportioned Martians boxing frequently is just.. Really odd.
  • One of the darkest jokes in the movie, the little dog running off with Michael J. Fox's hand, all that's left of him after being vaporized, like it was a bone.
  • In the very last scene, within the destroyed ruins of the house, one woman is nonchalantly dusting.
  • As the saucers start falling from their occupants dying, the annoying, yapping chihuahua, now having its head on its owner's body, takes the chance to strangle a random martian in the UFO, while still endlessly yapping.
  • The dodgy translation computer (the aforementioned "Don't run; we are your friends" notwithstanding):
    General Decker: What the hell does that mean?!
    • Not to mention that during this, Kessler is grinning and nodding intently, like he's listening to some profound intellectual bullcrap.
  • The image of a Scary Black Man walking the streets with a giant boom box blasting yodeling.