Tear Jerker / Mars Attacks!

  • Towards the end, when the Martian abductees crash into the ocean.
  • During the first attack all Jason Stone was thinking of was trying to get to Natalie. He was reduced to a skeleton before he could even hold her hand.
  • Billy-Glen's horrific death, and his parents' reactions to seeing it live on television. You feel bad for them even though they were all jerkasses.
    Billy-Glen's Dad: [flipping through the channels hurriedly] ...no, that didn't happen to him... no, that didn't happen to him...
  • The Death of a Dog card in the original series is one for animal lovers. Many of the others in the series will wring tears even as they arouse horror.
  • Also, Byron's Almighty Mom and Plucky Girl of a wife's Cry Cute moment when she senses during the invasion that Byron might be dead. Right after he's shown all beaten up on the ground, the scene shows her tearing up and cradling their kids:
    "Something happened... something happened to Byron
  • The death of Secret Serviceman Mitch. He seemed friendly enough, and did his job well right up until his death.
  • The Martians use two different variants of a Death Ray, one with a green beam and the other red. When it impacts a living, breathing target it proceeds to painfully disintegrate their flesh and internal organs, leaving only a charred skeleton behind that is the same colour as the beam that killed them. While sometimes it's portrayed in a comedic light, it's nonetheless a truly horrific way to die. The rayguns can even destroy non-organic materials such as weapons.