Awesome / Mars Attacks!

  • Byron Williams beats the Martian Ambassador to death with his bare hands through the ambassador's Plexiglas helmet in an impromptu boxing match.
  • Or, just watching all those Martian heads pop like pimples inside their helmets, to the lilting refrains of Slim Whitman.
  • Byron's wife and her badass parenting skills. She causes every passenger on the bus she's driving to break into applause.
  • Byron's sons grabbing dropped Martian ray guns and covering the Secret Service agents escorting the president.
    • Also props to the one stone-faced agent who managed to gun down two Martians in the initial White House attack.
  • The President's peace-making speech to the Martian Leader. He'd spent his entire term letting his aide write his speeches, but when the chips are down it turns out he really had it in him all along.
    • Even though the Martians kill him, he did accomplish moving the Martian Leader to tears. That should account for some awesome.
  • The USA's national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner", being played by a Mariachi Band.