Funny / Marmalade Boy

  • In the anime, Miki and Meiko go to Hiroshima to confront Namura. While Meiko and Namura talk on the beach, Miki is bored and approaches a bunch of local deer to feed them. The deer are VERY hungry and start surrounding Miki to get more treats. Miki ends up pitching a terrified fit and runs away SCREAMING. (Truth in Television: Several Japanese parks have deer on the loose and the visitors can feed them, so sometimes this happens in Real Life.)
  • Yuu. Ginta. Ginta squaling about a beautiful girl he saw in an ad. That girl is actually a crossdressing Yuu. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Satoshi and Yuu get Mistaken for Gay. Being the Genre Savvy Trickster that he is, Satoshi deliberately fuels said fantasies, and even Meiko gets caught up on them.
  • When Meiko returns to school after being suspended for the Namura deal, people start gossiping behind her back and even in front of her. The Gossipy Hens get stopped by the simultaneous death glares of Miki, Yuu, Ginta and the Meganekko Chigusa, who then angrily sniff at them before they take Meiko away.
  • In the movie, we have Miki's interaction with the Gastmen, a group of kids who are essentially a parody of Super Sentai, first she pretends to be Sentai villain note , and later she's seen doing Sentai poses while the kids and onlookers watch, Meiko's reaction only sells it even further and even Yuu can't help but bust out laughing at Miki's antics.