Funny / Major Crimes

  • Sharon Raydor's offhand assessment of her marriage to her husband, from whom she has been separated for twenty-five years:
    Sharon: It's all very Catholic.
  • "I, Witness" is pretty much nonstop funny at how the universe keeps laughing at Flynn, dashing every single Hope Spot he gets that the murder suspect, a witness in a major case, is innocent. Until the shocks are finally too much and he faints.
  • "Frozen Assets" features Johnathan Baird aka Dick Tracy's return as a overzealous security guard that had roped Flynn and Provenza into a murder investigation involving a poisoned dog, a frozen head, and 20 million dollars.
  • In "Two Options", Commander McGinnis of Special Operations Bureau asks Raydor and Tao their opinions of Fritz, who's being evaluated as a potential Deputy Chief of SOB.
    Tao: FBI, but still. *thumbs up*
  • Charlie's Angels in "Pick your Poison".
  • Provenza's continuing annoying of Flynn about the nature of his relationship with Raydor, and Flynn's constant correction of him - they're just friends.
    Flynn: My situation with the Captain is completely different from yours with Patrice.
    Provenza: So she's the Captain again, huh?
    Flynn: *massive eyeroll* Okay, I'll answer your stupid question! You don't stop dating someone because it's going well. And if Sharon and I were dating, which we're not-
    Provenza: Which you are, but nevermind.
  • "Turn Down" shows us a...unique method of unlocking a phone:
    Morales: Whoa, whoawhoawhoa. You want me to shock the corpse?
    Raydor: (completely nonchalant) Yes.
    Tao: Why not? He's not getting any deader.
    Morales: Okay. But nobody tweet about this!
    (It works, in case you're wondering)
  • Talking to a coed about the murder of a professor, Sharon asks the age of a man she saw. The coed replies "Older...maybe 30's?" as Sharon and Flynn exchange a "really?" look.