Funny / Maid Marian and Her Merry Men

There were many hilarious moments on this show, but a few that stood out:

  • The Sheriff, Gary and Graeme had several hilarious moments between them, with Gary and Graeme sharing the role of The Ditz and the Sheriff being the Deadpan Snarker.
    Sheriff: *pointing* What is that?!
    Graeme: Your finger!
    Sheriff: ...Yes, Graeme, thank you very much, it is my finger. And what is that at the end of it?
    Gary: Your fingernail?
    Sheriff: Thank you, Gary. Now if we could leave anatomy for the moment and move on to nature study? You will see at the end of my finger is a broken twig! Now, what does that tell us?
    Graeme: That the sapling has hurt itself!
  • Barrington bragging that he can hit a tiny stick with a bow and arrow. He turns out to be right... because he's firing the arrow from two inches away.
  • Marian's speech towards the end of "Little Brown Noses," spoken with a wide smile and exaggerated cheerfulness:
    "I'd like to say a big thank you to all the backroom boys who helped make today the total, absolute disaster it was. Thanks to Barrington for organising the Greasy Pole competition, and thanks to his Polish friend for agreeing to be covered in grease. Thanks to Rabies, who remembered to turn up — and to Little Ron, who didn't. A big thank you to Robin, who's managed to irritate me non-stop for the past eight hours without even trying! That must be some sort of world record, eh, Robin? But no doubt you'll break it tomorrow!"
  • The song "Naked to the Visible Eye," where all the naked peasants (their clothes were stolen) do a song and dance routine with lots of convenient Scenery Censors.
  • Ye Baddies have bought some brand new military equipment from Much the Mini-mart Manager's Son and are preparing to finish off Ye Goodies once and for all. Gary and Graeme have the job of prepping a flying machine powered by a giant rubber band. Their attention is caught by the fact that, for an ultra-new war machine, it doesn't look all that fancy
    Gary: It's not much to look at, is it?
    Graeme: Yeah, it's a bit plain, isn't it?
    Gary: Yeah. Dingy, even.
    Graeme: Hey, that's it!
    Gary: What?
    Graeme: That's what we can call it! A Dingy!