Heartwarming / Maid Marian and Her Merry Men

  • The ending of the "Rotten Rose" two-parter has a rare moment where Marian's speech is heartwarming rather than preachy and Played for Laughs. Well, okay, it's a little preachy and Played for Laughs, but in this instance her main goal is to cheer up Robin, who is regretting the mistakes he's made in the two episodes. Unlike most version of Robin Hood and Maid Marian, there is absolutely no romantic tension between this Robin and Marian; most of the time they don't even seem to like each other that much, so when they hug at the end it's genuinely touching.
  • In "Robin the Bad," Robin is kicked out of the gang by Marian because he's blamed for crimes committed by his Criminal Doppelgänger (in reality an actor hired by King John in order to make Robin look bad). The peasants and, (surprisingly) Marian fall for the act and hate Robin for his supposed crimes, but Barrington, Rabies and Little Ron remain on Robin's side throughout the episode, immediately accepting that he's innocent and sticking up for him.
    Robin: I didn't do it, you know. Those tacky things — I'm innocent, I truly am!
    Barrington: We know. We just gotta find out who did do it. C'mon, we'll get you home.