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YMMV: Major Crimes
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Rusty's Father. Was he a guy that only cared about his image or was he a guy that just found out he had a teenaged son and tried to be right by him but did not do a good job mixed with the fact that said son was giving him absolutely no breaks.
  • Broken Base: the arrival of Jackson, Sharon's absent husband, has caused a lot of disagreements within the fandom.
  • Dawson Casting: Sixteen year old Rusty is played by Graham Patrick Martin, who is 20.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Raydor and Flynn. Tony Denison (who plays Flynn) ships it too, and the process of upgrading it to canon may have already started. Which, of course, now means that those who dislike it are being quite noisy about said dislike.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Flynn's health kick becomes more amusing when you recall Provenza's similar habit in Season 5 of The Closer, and how their positions are turned.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Rusty's mother. It seems like every episode that focuses on her shows her she passes another one. First time she tries to trick Rusty to get her drugs she prescribed herself. Next she admits to Rusty that she allowed her boyfriends to beat Rusty up because she believed that would "beat the gay out of him". And most recently she is in prison and asks Rusty to prostitute himself again to get her bail money. All the while she continues to blame Rusty for all of her own problems.
  • Narrowed It Down to the Guy I Recognize:
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • Seems to be happening to Rusty. By the second season premiere, fans and characters alike all adore him, thanks to some serious character development.
    • Sykes was helped by keeping hold of the bad guy's gun even as he's smashing her head against the pavement—giving her a concussion and dislocated jaw.
    • ADA Rios seems to be starting to become more likable, but for most she isn't rescued yet. Though considering that this is a recurring trope of both this show and The Closer, it seems inevitable.
  • The Scrappy: Rusty and Sykes are starting out as this. The first is whiny and ungrateful, the second can't seem to not screw up the task she was assigned or reveal vital information to third parties. See above for both.
    • Major Crimes seems to be making a trend out of introducing new characters that aren't well-liked by anyone. The new ADA in season 2, Emma Rios, has not made a good impression on either the audience or the in-series cast. In her first interview with Rusty about his testimony she calls him a "whorephan" to the shock of everyone present, arguing that the defense would call him it too, so he'd better get used to it.note . Rusty even felt sorry for Sanchez since he had an obvious crush on her and not only did she not realize this, she didn't even remember his name. Only time will tell if she gets rescued like Rusty and Sykes did.
    • And then there was the City Attorney who was introduced in "Two Options", who is pretty much a colossal bitch to everyone, and is only concerned about liability issues.

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